Mother, child killed in San Francisco fire


"Everything was so hysterical, we didn't know what was going on but when we got here I found out that the baby didn't make it," the victim's aunt Davina Brooks said.

Moana Uilama, who also lived in the burned out unit says the victims were her 33-year-old niece Esther Ioane and Esther's 3-year-old son Kerisimasi Santana Williams.

"I work graveyard and all I know, I went to sleep this morning and woke up cause people were talking about fire, fire, fire," Uilama said.

She jumped out the window and escaped without injury, but certainly not without harm. Two family members dead, her dog burned, her belongings charred to pieces.

While no one talked about how the fire started, Uilama says her niece often left food on the stove.

"My niece is good at leaving stuff on the stove and leaving it unattended and fall asleep; she done that so many times," she said.

Brooks, the toddler's aunt on his father's side, thinks the culprit was something else.

"I told my brother numerous times, go get the baby, go get the baby, he's in an unsafe environment, you guys need to get him out of that home, it's not safe for him to be there," Brooks said.

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