Fremont police warning drivers about pellet gun attacks

Fremont police are asking the public to be on alert for pellet gun attacks on drivers on Warm Springs Boulevard.
April 28, 2014 12:22:05 PM PDT
Fremont police are asking the public to be on alert for pellet gun attacks on drivers. Three drivers have been shot at in less than one week along Warm Springs Boulevard.

Police say no one has been seriously injured and are actively investigating to find out who is behind the attacks.

Fremont police are still combing the areas where reports of drivers being hit by someone firing a BB or pellet gun have happened at least three times in the past week. Commuters traveling busy Warm Springs Boulevard are concerned.

"If you can't see you can't tell if they're kids or not, but very dangerous," driver Julie Silva said.

These attacks are dangerous because someone could get seriously injured. Two of the incidents occurred Wednesday evening in the areas of Warm Springs boulevard and Warren Avenue.

Police told ABC7 News both drivers sustained minor injuries from broken glass when their driver-side windows were hit. On Thursday, a car was hit near Warm Springs Boulevard and Brown Road, but the driver was not injured. One area business found holes in his window consistent with the size of pellets.

"They're probably just trying to have fun and are being irresponsible. Kids like that nowadays," Jazzmin Silva said.

Fremont police have not located a projectile in either incident and neither victim could provide a description of suspects, but a white mini-van was reported in the area of one of the incidents.

Fremont police are speaking with business owners in the area to see if surveillance video may have captured either of the shootings. They're asking anyone with information about these incidents to contact the Fremont Police Department.