Alameda Co. deputy hospitalized after attack in Castro Valley


The Alameda County Sheriff's Office says Kelly Carter called 911 Saturday night, telling dispatchers that Keith Carter and Willie Tinoifili were fighting behind an apartment building on Grove Way in Castro Valley.

When the deputies arrived, officials say the three attacked them.

One of the deputies was punched in the face so hard he'll need facial reconstruction surgery. We're told the other deputy was put in a choke hold.

"We've learned that one of the suspects is proficient in martial arts and has some extensive training in that," said Sgt. Ray Kelly.

Sgt. Kelly adds, "The incident was recorded on video and we've review the video, and I've reviewed the video, and I can tell you that in my many years of law enforcement it's one of the most violent struggles I've seen an officer go through."

The deputy who was punched managed to use his Taser on one of the men, ending the fight.

In addition to attempted murder charges for the men, all three face assault

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