Police arrest teen suspect in brutal home invasion in Orinda

ORINDA, Calif. (KGO) -- Orinda police have made an arrest in the brutal home invasion Tuesday where a nanny was beaten.

Police credit the arrest to an alert neighbor and a street mounted camera that shoots license plates.

The home invasion happened Tuesday afternoon when Karen Yim and her husband were away. Police say 18-year-old Armani Miller of Oakland kicked in the door, pistol-whipped the nanny and drove off with stolen goods in the Yim's black SUV.

The crime took place in front of the couple's five-year-old daughter. Lucky for police, an alert neighbor saw what they believe is the car his accomplice drove.

"An older model white Lexus, two-door parked down the street around the corner," said Orinda police Chief Mark Nagel

Police found the car from images taken by a camera that is mounted near the home next to the on and off-ramps to Highway 24. It's one of a dozen cameras in Orinda that takes images of cars and license plates, a crime fighting tool.

Yesterday, Oakland police found the Lim's black SUV parked on 35th Avenue and they sat on it, waiting for the robber to show up. Meanwhile, Orinda police sent out a bulletin of the White Lexus.

"A few hours later that very same vehicle, matching description, matching license plate, drove right past the stolen car in Oakland," Nagel said.

After a short chase, Miller crashed the car and police arrested him. Still, the Yim family's not taking any more chances.

"This doesn't happen that often. It just happens to be us, but you can never feel safe anymore," said home invasion victim Karen Yim.

The Yims Thursday were putting in a new garage door, windows and more cameras.
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