Arizona agency comes clean about Bigfoot picture

Bad news for Bigfoot enthusiasts; a photo taken in Arizona does not actually show the mythical beast.

The Arizona Department of Transportation posted a photo on its Facebook page New Year's Day saying, "We might have spotted a family of sasquatches." The post has since gone viral.

AZDOT decided to clear the air and said it was a light-hearted prank. The picture is actually of six bushes.

People didn't care. They praised AZDOT for having a sense of humor.

A primate expert at the Sacramento Zoo believes the Bigfoot myth is popular because people want to believe there's more to this world than what we know.

"It's exciting to think that there's an animal that's huge that's been out there, maybe part person, that's been out there for hundreds of years without us being able to get a full glimpse," said the zoo spokesperson.

There have been several Bigfoot sightings in the Sierra over the years, but no concrete evidence was ever presented.
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