In Concord and Walnut Creek, some brave the smoky air

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Smoke was a huge concern across the Bay Area on Friday. Many decided to play it safe and stay indoors.

But others ventured out to dinner and even a high school football game.

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De La Salle High School in Concord, Calif., hosted their archrival Pittsburg High School on the gridiron on Friday.

"The rivalry that we have with Pittsburg it's big, you know," explained Sam Rivera.

But Rivera was concerned about his son playing with so much unhealthy air because of the smoke from the Camp Fire in Butte County.

"Seems OK right now," Rivera said.

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"Some schools were canceled," said Pittsburgh Assistant Principal Connie Spinnato.

The poor air quality forced some East Bay high school football games to be re-scheduled, but not this one, even though you could see air particles falling under the lights.

"They kept going on the air quality app and looking at that and it was 77. It has to be at 100 before they decide they're not going to play. So we were in the safe category still," Spinnato said.

A few skaters bundled up and came out for the holiday debut of "Walnut Creek on Ice."

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"I wanted to come out and ice skate with my friend," Christopher Daniel said.

Daniel, who's from Clayton, had a tough day at school with all the smoke.

"Some of my friends at school, they had like sore throats and stuff. So we stayed in," Daniel said.

"The kids wanted to come out, so we decided to come out," Daniel's father Jim Daniel said.

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The owner of 1515 Restaurant Lounge said he's lost business because of the smoke.

But Tuyrice Munson and her friends decided to brave it, by the fire no less.

"When I walked outside this evening, it was very smoky. I could barely breathe outside walking outside. And just immediately headache-inducing," Munson said.
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