A Santa Rosa company is turning a like on social media into help for Camp Fire victims

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- When people see the images from Butte County, it is natural that they want to help. In Santa Rosa, a small company using social media for that purpose and reaching around the world to do so.

In Santa Rosa's Coffey Park, there are signs that show the difference that roughly 13 months can make after a disaster.

They are signs of progress. But, it doesn't take much to remember the pain, especially in a warehouse on the fringe of last year's fire zone.

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"I think it is important we show the communities in Butte County that we are with them," said Gina Lopez of Fumoto Engineering, where the small staff spent extra time, Monday, peeking at computer screens.

For every 'like' on Facebook or Instagram, they have pledged to give one dollar to Butte County Fire Relief.

"After what we went through, last year, we know how they feel, this year," said General Manager Dory Trebickca.

The product they distribute has absolutely nothing to do with fire. But from this building they send out thousands every week-- drain plug replacement valves for engines. Stick it into a crankcase, pull a lever, it drains. Reverse the lever, it closes.

At one dollar per like, and more than 1,200 likes noon, Monday-- this pledge drive may cost them and the company some money-- but they aren't worried.

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"We did not suffer this time, but we remember last year and we can relate to what happened in Butte County," said Jorge Castellejos.

In summary, it take an evacuee to appreciate an evacuee. The Camp Fire is still 100 miles away, as crows fly.

But in the Fumoto Engineering Warehouse, it's right next door and feels like yesterday in their hearts.

Click here to go to their Facebook page and here for their Instagram.

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