Man accused of shooting at car on I-580 in Oakland

OAKLAND, CA. (KGO) -- Highway patrol officers are searching for the gunman who opened fire on Interstate 580 in Oakland on Monday.

This is the second time in three weeks shots have been fired on this stretch of Bay Area freeway.

California High Patrol officers brought eastbound Interstate 580 to a halt as they searched for bullet casings and the man who fired into another moving vehicle.

"Probably attempted murder, most likely, brandishing a weapon and I'm sure there's other things we'd be looking at as well, but right now we just want to catch this person," California Highway Patrol Ofc. John Fransen said.

The incident started as road rage around 1 p.m. On the freeway west of Grand Avenue, the driver of a Honda tailgated a man driving a black Mercedes and then sped around him. "At which time a rude gesture was made towards our suspect," Fransen said.

The Mercedes driver retaliated, pulling into the center median and firing through his car into the drivers side of the victim's vehicle. Fortunately he missed the two people inside before speeding away.

Another shooting incident occurred over the last month near I-580 at the Fruitvale Avenue exit and sent two people to the hospital. Oakland police are now investigating the November 30 case. In video from Sky 7 you can see a car covered in bullet holes. The victims were a man and woman and no suspect description was released.

CHP says Monday's incident was road rage and not gang related. "It's a reminder that there's no place that we need to go to that urgently that we're jeopardizing lives," Fransen said.

If anyone witnessed the shooting or suspect vehicle, they are encouraged to call 1-800-tell-CHP.
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