Stop what you're doing and give this adorable, furry coatimundi your attention

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Elvis the adorable Coatimundi is destined to be the next adorable animal star of the Internet.
Nicolle von Eberkopf / YouTube

Puppies and kittens have dominated the cute viral video marketplaces since YouTube's inception. But one lesser known creature is looking to push its domesticated animal colleagues aside to claim its rightful place on the animal viral video kingdom: the Coatimundi.

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A close South American relative of the raccoon family, the above video portrays an adorable Coatimundi named Elvis, furled up in a sleeping position as a human tries to pet the creature. Clearly Elvis is having none of it, and reverts back to his adorable fetal napping state. But when the human stops petting Elvis, the coatimundi then grabs the humans hand and embraces it near its furry chest. Watch the video above and check out this cute-mundi in action.