Family who lost home in Concord fire also victims of theft

CONCORD, CA. (KGO) -- Residents of the Taxco condo complex are working to sift through all the rubble. "I'm just happy they made it out alive," fire victim Jennifer Ballard said. "My husband actually had to wrap my daughter and our little puppy in a blanket and run through the flames. He's my hero."

Click here to make a donation to the GoFundMe page to help the victims of the fire.

Medics transported Ballard's 5-year-old daughter Malia to be treated for smoke inhalation.

While that happened, someone swiped the family's remaining belongings, including a laptop. "Not only did they take it, but they got into and used my account numbers and my Visa online to make purchases of their own," she said.

The president of the homeowner's association says families like Jennifer's need help. "We still have four families that are living in motel rooms,' HOA President Tonya Amos said.

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Stacks of clothing and toys have been donated and now a GoFundMe page is up and running.

"They've lost everything and they're trying to get on their feet. They're looking for housing. So the GoFundMe campaign is really about helping folks get what they need, get their deposits, get their rents together, be able to replace household goods to get them back on their feet, get them out of those motel rooms first and foremost," Amos said.

As Ballard shows her daughter's charred doll hanging from her balcony, she's reminded about what matters most. "Things are things, they can be replaced. But loved ones can't. That's how I'm trying to keep the thought, you know."
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