Mother of 2 boys killed in Concord crash seeks justice, plans funerals

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- The man accused of killing two children in a hit-and-run in Concord now faces murder and DUI charges on top of a list of charges in another open case.

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Lemuel Wilson is in custody Wednesday. Lorenzo Reyes and Vincent Reyes-Rothenburg died after the Friday night crash.

The boys' mother says she's grateful for the charges but appears emotionally raw as she spent most of Wednesday at a funeral home planning to bury her children.

"I'm so thankful to everyone," Aida Reyes said, surrounded by family. She thanked investigators who levied two murder charges, leaving the scene of a crime, and DUI counts against the man accused of killing her sons.

Witnesses reported seeing Wilson run away from the crash scene on Highway 4 and Arnold Industrial Way.

Wilson was out of custody following an arrest for terrorist threats the week before the crash. Pleasanton police say he threatened Nordstrom employees at the Stoneridge Mall.

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Officers say they found credit card making equipment in his car and a 40-calibur bullet in his pocket when they located him in the mall garage.

The arrest was made on Wilson's birthday, June 24.

"He bailed out on Thursday from being arrested on his birthday... Friday he murdered my babies," Reyes told ABC7 News.

The charges can only bring so much comfort to a family planning funerals for 10-year-old Lorenzo and 5-year-old Vincent.

"Today she had to pick caskets for her kids," said Reyes' aunt Gabby.

"When conviction time comes, there'll be justice for my children," Reyes added. "There will be justice for my children, hopefully."

Reyes says her three-month-old remains in critical condition but is expected to be okay.

Click here to donate to the Reyes family's GoFundMe for the boys' funerals.
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