Chicagoan washing cars to raise money for those COVID-19 affected, social justice

ByJalyn Henderson Localish logo
Saturday, June 20, 2020
Car washing for COVID-19 and social justice
This man is washing cars and power washing streets to raise money for good.

CHICAGO -- When he saw what was going on around him, Chicagoan Michal Kokoszka decided to help his neighbors with a good old fashioned car wash.

"I just felt like I wanted to do something," Kokoszka said. "I figured whatever skill sets I had I could bring to the table. So I'm washing cars, pressure washing buildings, sidewalks, things like that."

Kokoszka's goal is to raise $2,000. So far he's raised $1,900, and his employers plan to match it, 3 to 1.

"HR sent out an email, and if I make $2,000 on my end and they'll match it with another $6,000. So I was like 'Now I have to do something'," Kokoszka said.

The money will be split between two local organizations, Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund and My Block My Hood My City.

Kokoszka knows people whom the virus has affected, and he also wanted to take a stand against social injustice.

"Silence is violence, so I want to get out there and do my part," Kokoszka said. "It's one thing to support behind a screen, but to go out and voice your opinion whether it's to protest or raise money for these organizations, I think that speaks louder."

Kokoszka hopes this will inspire others to get engaged, and will continue raising money through the end of June.