Coronavirus: 6 new cases of COVID-19 reported in Santa Clara County, bringing total to 20, health officials say

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Friday, March 6, 2020
6 new cases of coronavirus in Santa Clara Co., total at 20, officials say
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Santa Clara County health officials said there are now 20 cases of coronavirus in the county. This is six more cases than there were on Wednesday.

SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Three men and three women are the latest individuals to test positive for the coronavirus.

County officials said four of the cases were developed during travel, seven are of unknown origin and nine developed the virus from contact with other patients.

"Given the current situation, we don't know how this virus is going to evolve, what's going to happen in terms of magnitude over the next few weeks," said James Williams, Santa Clara County Counsel and Emergency Operations Center director.

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Because of the spread of coronavirus, Santa Clara County officials are recommending large events in the county be cancelled -- including concerts, conferences and sporting events.

This recommendation would apply to the San Jose Sharks, the county said.

"None of the decisions and recommendations we're making are we taking lightly. They're based on research, and tailored to the unique current circumstances on the ground here in Santa Clara County," said Cindy Chavez, president of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors.

At the Sharks game, the crowd was lively and not concerned about coronavirus warnings.

"It's on my mind but not to the point where it'll get me to stop doing what I like doing," said Saul Hernandez who attended the game with his son and grandson.

In a statement, SAP Center said : At this time we have not received any information about the coronavirus that would indicate a need to alter any of our operating procedures.

At the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose, a different story. Wednesday night, an employee reported being in contact with someone who COVID19. The museum shut down immediately, scheduled for decontamination and closed until next Tuesday.

"The exposure may be to other employees and so this abundance of caution was thinking thru both staff, as well as the public," said Marilee Jenning, executive director for the museum.

At this time, the county is not recommending closing schools because of the virus.

The San Jose Earthquake also addressed coronavirus today, saying health and safety are the team's top priorities.

In regards to coronavirus, the team said it will "monitor the situation" and give updates to the public regarding Saturday's game in San Jose.

Over at San Jose's Good Samaritan Hospital, two temporary tents have been set up outside the emergency room in preparation for a potential spike in cases.

The structures are typically used during the height of the flu season each with enough room to accommodate six patients at a time.

In light of the virus, Santa Clara County declared a local health emergency in February. It was the first county in the state do so, they said.

The county is advising residents to avoid contact with others at group gatherings and events and to limit work travel.

"Given the current situation, we don't know how this virus is going to evolve, what's going to happen in terms of magnitude over the next few weeks," Williams said.

Health officials said residents in the county need to be "thoughtful and proactive" to stop the spread of the virus and to remain calm.

Residents should continue to wash their hands and avoid touching their face to slow the spread of the virus.

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