Crews rescue birds falling from Oakland trees, nests

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Crews are working to rescue baby birds that are falling out of trees and nests in the urban heart of downtown Oakland.

It's nesting season in downtown Oakland for the snowy egrets and black-crowned night heron's high in the trees, but with the young birds that arrive in the area each Spring there is danger lurking below.

They're getting run over by cars and that's why the Golden Gate Audubon Society has teamed with the Oakland Zoo to come to the aid of those who can't make it. "We're really just trying to help manage urban wildlife in our city. It's natural for some birds to fall out of their nests, but what's not natural is they're hitting hard concrete. They can't get back up in these trees because they're pruned so tall," Golden Gate Audubon Society spokesperson Marissa Ortega-Welch said.

A team from the Oakland Zoo are the first to respond once volunteers spot a bird in distress. "Some of them are hurt from the fall, so they'll take a look to see if they need immediate attention or need to be held or they need to be fed. But ideally we get them right to the rescue center," Oakland Zoo spokesperson Amy Gotliffe said.

At Fairfield's International Bird Rescue Center, the animals are assessed for injuries and overall condition. "It's hard falling out of trees and landing on concrete, so we've seen some broken wings, we've had a couple of bill fractures that our veterinarian has had to pin," International Bird Rescue Center spokesperson Jennifer Linander said.

Once the birds are well enough and deemed ready to fly and fend for themselves, they will be released into the wild.
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