Pro-Palestinian student protesters at Stanford could face disciplinary action for encampments

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024
Stanford says students may face disciplinary action for encampments
Stanford students say the university is threatening discipline as Pro-Palestinian protests continue across the Bay Area and the U.S.

STANFORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Frustrated students and school officials are cracking down after days of protests on college campuses.

There have been heated protests and dozens of arrests as protests continue at universities across the country.

Stanford has warned of discipline for student protesters who break campus policy as a Gaza Solidarity encampment entered its fifth day.

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Protest organizers are demanding that Stanford separates itself from any companies or organizations advancing military efforts in the Israel-Hamas war.

"Our messaging obviously, as with all the other campuses across the nation is divestment, is transparency," said a representative of the People's University for Palestine at Stanford who only went by the first name Emily.

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Stanford Admit Weekend has kicked off with an encampment of protesters situated in the center of the campus' White Plaza.

White Plaza is the campus space for free expression.

The university allows tabling from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. but said it has policies that include no overnight camping.

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Stanford Admit Weekend has kicked off with an encampment of protesters situated in the center of the campus' White Plaza.

Organizers say they're aware of the policies and that there could be discipline but say people who aren't involved with the encampment are wrongly facing punishment like suspension.

"One student wasn't even here, when any of this was going down when the encampment was going down, and probably won't be here for the foreseeable future," Emily said. "A couple of the students weren't even involved in planning any of this or they weren't even here also."

The university said it handed out warnings signed by the president and provost Thursday night when the encampment first started.

On Tuesday, copies of that warning could be seen on posters around the encampment placed there by university officials.

It said students could face suspension and some students are receiving direct emails.

Encampment organizers say the university is targeting certain people.

"A variation of Muslim, Brown, Black, or some mixture of any of those things," Emily said. "The only white students that have been given this disciplinary letter were anti-Zionist Jewish students."

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At least a hundred students have setup camp at the White Memorial Plaza in Stanford. The chanting for Gaza picked up after it got dark out Thursday evening.

A Stanford spokesperson sent this statement:

The university cannot comment on any individual student cases. As a general matter:

Students are being referred to the Office of Community Standards process for their actions that violate the university's viewpoint-neutral policies, including policies on overnight camping, campus disruptions, and the use of White Plaza. There is evidence connecting individuals to specific policy violations. Those involved are entitled to rights and procedures as provided in the Stanford Student Conduct Charter of 2023 and will be able to offer a defense.

All students were reminded of the university's policies in a message prior to the establishment of the encampment. As was noted in a communication last Friday, "the violations that have been occurring may be punishable by sanctions up to and including suspension."

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