'He's a hero': Young Michigan boy tells 'GMA' how he stepped in after school bus driver passed out

ByGio Benitez, 'GMA'
Sunday, May 7, 2023
Young boy stops school bus after driver passes out
There was a school bus rescue in Michigan. Dillon Reeves stepped in when the driver had a medical emergency, stopping the vehicle.

WARREN, Mich. -- A young hero who sprang into action sat down exclusively with "Good Morning America" Sunday.

He noticed his school bus driver was having an issue behind the wheel, with up to 60 students on board.

They were dramatic moments: A school bus driver had a medical emergency just outside of Detroit. She radioed for help, but before she could pull the bus over, she passed out. The bus veered into oncoming traffic.

That's when a brave 13-year-old, seventh-grader Dillon Reeves, sprang into action. He grabbed the steering wheel, and slowly pushed on the brakes, urging his schoolmates to call for help.

He and his parents sat down exclusively with "GMA" Sunday.

Reeves had carefully watched his dad drive for years.

"Yeah, he definitely has always been attentive to his surroundings, you know, thrown him on a lap, little country roads here and there. You know, I had the wheel, and I had the gearshift there. But he was doing it all on his own. He could probably drive any of our cars out of here, and I wouldn't doubt it one bit. It's scary, but I'm glad I did," father Steve Reeves said.

The calls and letters haven't stopped since that day.

But, on that day, Dillon didn't think anything of his heroic actions.

"I know when he first came home, he was like, 'all I did was stop the bus,'" mother Ireta Reeves said.

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"Wasn't expecting anything out of it," Dillon said.

"No, he just didn't even think it would be on the news. It was not a big deal," his mother said.

"He came home, took a shower, went out, played basketball with his buddy around the block, as they carried on," his father said.

But the local school board gave Dillon an award.

He someday hopes to be a first responder, like a police officer or firefighter.

"He saved everyone. He's a hero, and we're so proud of him," his mother said. "He deserves all the recognition in the world for this."

Dillon has been able to speak with the bus driver. She said she's proud of him and that she's doing well.

She told Dillon's family that every morning, she puts her hand on the bus and prays for those children.