Dozens of rescued animals in need of adoption after McDonald Ranch announces closure

SANTA RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- A popular summer camp and after school program in the North Bay where kids learn about animals is closing down.

The owners of a non-profit named McDonald Ranch east of Santa Rosa are selling their property and moving, leaving dozens of rescued critters in need of adoption.

Kids go there to learn about animals, but now the animals are in need of new homes. "It's going to be a lonely life without the animals and kids," Richard Crenshaw said.

For Crenshaw and his wife, Linda McDonald, it's tough saying goodbye to the life they've known for 23 years. "It's very difficult, I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I love them all so very much," McDonald said.

McDonald has spent her life caring for animals in the hills of San Ramon. She and Crenshaw opened a 50-acre sanctuary, which became a popular summer camp and after school program for thousands of kids to learn about animals and care for them.

A job loss means the couple can't afford to keep their non-profit going any longer. They plan to sell the ranch and find new homes for the animals, including two adorable miniature horses named Bronco and Diego. "It's tough, very, very tough and it's hard saying goodbye to so many good memories that we had," Crenshaw said.

There's a pair of guinea pigs, a family of ducks who love to take a swim and plenty of curious cats.

There are at least 40 cats at the ranch that could use a good a home.

All the horses have been adopted. Breanna Harris, who went to the summer camp, is now the proud owner of a horse named Chyenne.

McDonald said she wants the children to remember the experience at the ranch and that they pass that on for years to come.

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