'Marvel Universe LIVE!' holds casting call in Emeryville

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- It's not easy being a superhero. That's why Marvel is searching for actors and athletes to play those challenging roles in its new touring production "Marvel Universe LIVE!" The show comes to San Jose in March. And on Thursday, ABC7 News sat in on the Bay Area casting call.

The fearless falls are not for the faint of heart. But these performers are hardly mere mortals.

Each one is a finalist in the auditions for "Marvel Universe LIVE!" An arena stunt show with the heroes you know and love.

"I'm looking for a Hulk, I'm looking for a Wolverine, for a Captain America," said casting director Jessica Ferris. "I'm looking for all of it."

The movie heroes have help from computer graphics. But onstage, it's all about their skills and about expert choreography.

Those who make the cut will tour the country for a year, performing full time.

"I saw the audition notice and I was like, do I really want to be a professional superhero for 12 months?" said martial artist and dancer Zach Fischer. "And immediately I thought yes! That is exactly what I want to be."

You know, the superheroes may get all the credit. But really, it's the villains who make the superheroes look super.

"They have to make them look good," Ferris said. "A hero can only look as good as the villain who is fighting with them."

But it's not all fake.

"Somebody got poked in the eye," said actor Sam Coughlin. "I got banged on the chest and stuff, I'm definitely gonna be sore tonight."

All in the name of creating the same fight magic you see in "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Only this time, on stage. There will be as many as 12 shows a week, and it's all larger than life. And that's exactly what makes it the role of a lifetime.

"Instead of like, oh I'm an actor and everything's realistic," Coughlin said. "Just like, no I'm evil! And I want the end of the world!"
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