William Shatner defends decision not to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral

He's faced off against fierce Klingons, benevolent Romulans, and the most maniacal space sociopaths this side of the galaxy, but "Star Trek's" William Shatner is now defending himself against Twitter users who scorned the Starfleet captain for not attending Leonard Nimoy's funeral after the actor known for playing Spock passed away on Friday.

Shatner publicly stated on Saturday that he wouldn't be able to attend Nimoy's funeral as he was doing charity work for the Red Cross in Florida.

This lead to many users on Twitter blasting Shatner for not attending Nimoy's funeral. Shatner then posted a tweet encouraging his followers to tell him off.

Shatner then argued with one follower who suggested the actor take a private jet to LA.

Shatner also then shot back at another Twitter user who suggested he cancel the charity event.

Shatner then tweeted on the misconception that flights to LAX from Florida aren't available all night long.

But then Shatner began to host an online remembrance of sorts for Nimoy, where he answered questions about his co-star and their relationship.

Shatner also poked fun at the Twitter fiasco.

Nimoy was laid to rest in Los Angeles on Sunday.

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