Gift card scam targets Expedia customers

There is a new warning about a scam using a popular travel booking site to steal thousands of dollars from unknowing customers.

The Better Business Bureau says thieves are posing as Expedia employees and taking advantage of travelers looking for help.

It starts when someone books travel online through the real website then later they need to change or confirm the booking. They search online then call the number they find but instead of reaching real Expedia representatives, they are calling a number set up by scammers. The person who answers the phone claims the refund site is down and the customer needs to buy gift cards to get a refund or pay change fees.

Expedia says it is working to cut down on the fake numbers and make the company's real customer service number easier to find. Mallory Wojciechowski with the BBB says it's important to pay attention to where you find a phone number before you dial.

"If you are looking to contact Expedia, or in any other situation where you're looking to contact somebody, don't just rely on what pops up on google, go directly to the company's website, find a phone number there or an email address and contact them that way," said Wojciechowski.

Troubleshooter Takeaway

Trustworthy companies will never ask for a gift card as payment. And you should never have to pay to get money back.
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