Science shines bright at the Exploratorium's 'Glow' exhibit

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Wednesday, December 21, 2022
The art of light shines bright at 'Glow'
Connect, play, and get inspired in the glow of luminous sculptures at this Exploratorium exhibit

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's time to Glow! The Exploratorium's annual "Glow" exhibition illuminates Pier 15 with light sculptures of various shapes and sizes.

"We'd love to do this seasonal exhibit in a time when families come together... to celebrate light and all the different forms that it takes," said Exploratorium Art Director Kirstin Bach.

Each year, the Exploratorium works with six artists who use light within their work. Each creative piece looks into the science behind light.

Find captivating light art that radiates through the space, including "The Last Ocean," which is a light structure made from recycled ocean plastics, "The Enchanged Tree," which offers a peek into electric art history, "Entangled Attraction," which features an array of 300 spiraling lights, and more.

"It's been really exciting watching visitors interact because at the Exploratorium, our visitors are all ages, we get tons of field trips," explained Kathleen Maguire, the Public Programs Manager at the Exploratorium. "Something that's really exciting to me about presenting art here is trying to appeal to our youngest visitors, to have them have really special art experiences...that perhaps they carry forward as they become adults."

Glow is on view now through Jan. 29 at the Exploratorium. For more information, visit here.