Thick smoke from Ferguson Fire blocking views of Yosemite

YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. -- If you're heading up to Yosemite, be prepared for what you're about to see, which may not be much.

Air quality in the National Park has reached unhealthy levels thanks to smoke coming from the nearby Ferguson Fire.

Pam Austin from Iowa describes the experience, "We've seen a lot of smoke. The smell of smoke. Our clothes smell like smoke; we smell like smoke."

Many travelers left the National Park disappointed after the thick layer of haze prevented them from enjoying Yosemite's full potential of picturesque views.

Barney Farley is visiting the area along with his family from Missouri, "We've been planning on coming here for years. A little disappointing, but like I said we're here."

The smoke is not expected to subside anytime soon as the Ferguson Fire continues to burn west of the National Park.

Amal Ali from Virginia said, "It is really sad that all the nature is being immersed in smoke and it's bad for all the trees. I feel really bad for all the nature here."

Campsites and hiking trails remain open in the park while officials say restaurants and hotels haven't seen a drop off since smoke shifted into the area Sunday.

Therese Williams from Visit Yosemite says her group has, "Not seen any cancellations which is great, and it's not impacting business."

She advises that tourists, "Come thru (Highway) 41. Restaurants are still open; everything is still open. I think that it is important to get the message out that we are open for business."

That is of little consolation for Mohammed Ahmed and his family who made the cross-country trip from Virginia.

"It is not that easy to cancel very last minute. We all have vacation planned, so it is not that easy to do that kind of stuff."
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