How to pick the perfect bottle of wine for your next party

SAN FRANISCO (KGO) -- Drew Tuma is on his way to a friend's party and turned to his weather buddy, Spencer Christian for some wine buying advice! In this segment, Drew takes a trip to The Jug Shop in SF, and Spencer shares his tips for purchasing the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. Watch and learn how to pick out a wine that gets the party started!

Since 1965, The Jug Shop's talented team of wine mavens, spirit experts, and beer consultants help customers find the perfect drink for a range of occasions.

In fact, the family-owned shop conducts extensive taste testing before a bottle earns a spot on its shelves, making The Jug Shop the perfect spot for picking quality wine, beer, and spirits.

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1590 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94109
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