At-home IV drip treatment relieves menstrual cramps for up to 48 hours

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Wednesday, September 9, 2020
At-home IV drip can help relieve period cramps!
An at-home IV drip treatment to relieve menstrual cramps - for up to 48 hours! A masked up nurse showed up at my apartment to give me this IV drip.

NEW YORK CITY -- Thought those IV vitamin drips were just for hangovers? Me too. I figured if I've tried one, I've tried them all... until I discovered this Brooklyn based company, IV Drips.

IV therapy expedites the process of replenishing your essential nutrients, leaving you feeling revitalized, re-energized, and refreshed.

With key vitamins entering straight into your bloodstream, you get immediate results and can take advantage of the full capacity the vitamins have to offer.

IV Drips wanted to offer something different to their customers. Their drips can help treat anything from a weak immune system to anxiety and depression.

And attention ladies... they've got one that's supposed to relieve menstrual cramps - for up to 48 hours!

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I suffer from PCOS, a condition that causes extremely painful menstrual cycles due to ovarian cysts.

Every 'time of the month', I usually have to pop an Aleve or Advil like it's my job to deal with the pain. So it's no surprise I was on board to try a remedy intravenously.

Since we're living through a global pandemic and all, I figured I'd add on an immunity boost.

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A masked up nurse showed up at my apartment to give me the drip. Check out the latest episode of Glam Lab to see if it worked!

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