Good samaritan pulls driver from fiery Fairfield crash

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KGO) -- An investigation is underway after a crash early Wednesday morning that killed two people near Fairfield on Peabody Road near Hammond Drive.

The coroner may not release the names of the victims until Thursday, though police say they certainly have some clues as to who they are.

The remains of a head-on collision include the charred shells of an SUV and a Lincoln sedan in which two people died after being burned beyond recognition.

"They suffered some pretty serious burns and it does not serve any purpose to describe them anymore," Sgt. Jeff Osgood of Fairfield police told ABC7 News.

Osgood has spent 32 years on the job and describes the scene as being particularly disturbing.

It could have been worse if not for a passerby who stopped and pulled the SUV driver from the flames. "Someone trying to do the right thing," said Osgood. "Selfless, heroic based on what I know fo the situation."

How it happened is still a mystery. "It is unusual in my view. I have never seen two cars catch fire the way those did," Osgood added.

Roughly 12 hours after the incident Peabody Rd. reopened to traffic. There is no sign of what happened here except for black scars on the pavement.
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