East San Jose residents suspicious over group soliciting donations for relative with leukemia

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Residents in San Jose say a group of men and women have been soliciting donations in East San Jose. After months of this, donors are becoming suspicious and frustrated when they try to ask questions.

According to the signs they were holding, the women say they're raising money along Story Road for a relative with leukemia. But they've been soliciting cash for so many months, local resident Melbec Ponce says she's suspicious. She has made several donations.

"If my mom and I gave $20 not just one time, imagine what other people are giving for leukemia causes, especially if they have a big heart."

The nagging question is where is the money going? Ponce says she tried to ask the women, but they would only say "gracias por su donation." Thank you for your donation.

A video posted on the Facebook page Proud to be from East San Jose posted the panhandlers at Story Road and Capitol Expressway. Monday night, ABC7 News found them working at Story and King Roads, holding signs and passing out solicitation cards. They refused to talk to us.

Residents and business owners say they are there mostly on weekends.

San Jose police say no one has filed a complaint. The offices of two council members report no complaints either, but suspicion is rising.

The women have been seen eating in local restaurants.

Residents of the area say the panhandlers have been working the area since last summer and apparently feel safe doing so because no one has complained to the police.
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