Young entrepreneur launches fashion business in honor of late grandmother

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Young entrepreneur starts fashion business in honor of grandmother
The young founder of GTLA Apparel proves that a fashion business can succeed while treating garment workers, such as her late grandmother, with dignity.

SOUTH LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Growing up in South Los Angeles, near the Fashion District, Lupe Tlatenchi was inspired to pursue a career in fashion. She was first introduced to the apparel industry by her late grandmother who worked as a seamstress in a local factory.

"I actually have my grandmother's sewing machine," said Tlatenchi. "I had to bring it here to the shop. She passed away before she could see me build my business. I feel like she would be really proud. I learned so much from her when she was alive."

Tlatenchi's GTLA Apparel Development, a full service garment manufacturing business, was also a vehicle for her to introduce her own fashion brand, Loopé.

"My consumer for Loopé is a woman who is independent. She likes to dress up or dress down, but with the same pieces in her closet," said Tlatenchi. "So it's a very capsule wardrobe."

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