Oakland police say accused muralist killer went on crime spree

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Prosecutors said Marquise Holloway's crime spree started on the day he allegedly killed Oakland muralist Antonio Ramos.

Holloway faces a murder charge and multiple robbery charges.

Holloway appeared in court again Wednesday because of yesterday's profanity-laced rant, which prevented him from being properly arraigned.

It was a bold and violent scene much like the other robberies he's accused of.

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One woman told ABC7 News how she was afraid she would be killed during a robbery. Police said she is possibly one of Holloway's other victims. "I saw the gunman and he actually looked me straight in the face and I thought I was going to get shot again," Diana Tenes said.

Tenes worked as an actress in a music video along Oakland's 23rd Street, featuring New York artist Bilal. She called the scene beautiful until thieves with guns went after the equipment. "One of the camera guys that was there, he actually started running down the street and I thought I'm going to do that too because there was no place to hide," she said.

Tenes ran towards Telegraph Avenue. "I actually thought I was going to get shot in the back when I was running," she said.

Oakland police said Holloway is suspected in Tenes' case as well.

Investigators say Holloway shot Ramos during a fight over camera equipment at the location of another mural near Interstate 580. "I really hope that it's the same guy," Tenes said.

Detectives are connecting Holloway to five robberies and attempted robberies total, which happened all within a week.

One man who preferred to remain anonymous said his landlord ran up in front of a house along Mead Avenue. "He yelled at the guy and the guy turned around and shot and the bullet whizzed by me and my landlord," he said.

He also said he's relieved there has been an arrest. "I'm happy man, people like that shouldn't, I don't know, I'm a firm believer that justice should be served."

Holloway admits to shooting Ramos according to court documents, but said it was an accident.

Multiple cases involving photographers and their equipment however does not appear to be an accident.

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