Can the Upright Trainer device really fix your posture in two weeks?

ByJohanna Trupp & Emily Sowa Localish logo
Friday, May 13, 2022
Can this device really fix your posture?
Can this viral Instagram device keep you from slouching?

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Can this little device fix your posture?

It's all over Instagram. The tiny device that boasts better posture in two weeks!

For the many of us who sit at desks every day, it's the reminder we need to sit up straight. It gives you a vibration every time you start slouching.

While many of you see me, the host of Glam Lab in front of a camera in my bathroom, the majority of my job is spent sitting in an edit room. I edit for hours a day working in the news which means high pressure and tight deadlines.

As a result, I find myself constantly hiking up my shoulders and my poor posture has led to back pain, headaches and a visit to my chiropractor every three weeks.

After seeing the Upright Trainer all over Instagram, I figured it's worth a shot. I got the nod of approval from my chiro himself, Dr. Adam Stanger.

It's a tiny device that you stick on your back just below your neck. It monitors your posture and sends a vibration when you start slouching.

To feel a difference, you've got to commit to two weeks. So, does it work? Before you buy, let Glam Lab try. Check out the latest episode so see the results!

Click here for more information about the Upright Trainer.

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