Coronavirus Bay Area: Oakland neighborhood throws 'social distance' block party

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is ending a very long week and neighbors in one Oakland neighborhood decided to end it on a positive note- by throwing a social distance block party.

Kim Bardakian has lived in her Redwood Hills II neighborhood since 2006. She thought of the idea to throw a 'social distance Friday night happy hour.'

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"Open up your garage, sit in your driveway, bring a glass of wine, and connect with everyone but at minimum 6 feet apart," Bardakian said.

She said she emailed neighbors Thursday night of the plans and everyone got excited.

"There's no normalcy going on in the world and this is one bit of normalcy- seeing people we know- that we care about. We're excited just to get out, get some fresh air- some smiles hear the babies laugh and cry and the dogs bark- it feels good," Bardakian said.

Daniel and Tara Paleg brought their five-month-old son Weston in a stroller. Daniel came equipped with a beer and a six-foot paint stick.

"Everyone keeps pushing the six feet thing making sure 'you keep your six feet' so I'm like oh- I think we have something that would work," Daniel said.

Tara said this block party was a great idea.

"We needed I think to end this week of being so scared about what's going on," Tara Paleg said.

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Even pet parents took precautions. Renee Lincoln wiped her six-month-old mastiff dog Leonard's head with dog wipes.

"They're like dog wipes so it's not poisonous to him but- just to wipe down. You know wash your hands- I guess wash your dogs," Lincoln said.

Fred and Coleen Patterson were enjoying the face-to-face interaction from afar.

"I think this is a great way to show that, we can still maintain friendships and relationships on face-to-face bases. Even through these difficult times," Patterson said.

Kim Bardakian said they plan to do this every Friday night (at least for the foreseeable future.) She hopes other neighborhoods can do this with coffee or other ways to connect at a safe distance.

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