Henry Winkler joins Disney+ series 'Monsters at Work'

The "Monsters, Inc." universe is expanding and actor Henry Winkler is along for the ride.

Friday, July 2, 2021
Henry Winkler joins Disney+ series 'Monsters at Work'
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Henry Winkler talks about what he loves most about the Disney+ series, "Monsters at Work."

Henry Winkler is a real monster... and we mean that in the nicest way possible. The actor is part of the ensemble cast of the new Disney+ series based on "Monsters, Inc."

The mega-hit movie came out 20 years ago and was followed by a prequel, "Monsters University." Now, our animated monsters are getting what you might call their own workplace comedy, appropriately called "Monsters at Work."

Winkler voices "Fritz," a monster that a producer descibed to the actor as fuzzy, cuddly and blue.

Fritz works with a dedicated team of mechanics on the show.

"Here's what I love: they let you improvise. And if it works for the show, they leave it in," Winkler said. "My character was going on vacation and I just sang, 'I'm going to the Caribbean with snow in my past,' and it's in!"

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Winkler says this series comes at a time when kids have had to deal with the pandemic, plus, even if they didn't understand it, a divisive time for people and politics.

"It seeps in like a corroding molasses," the actor said. "What we do with 'Monsters at Work' is we make them laugh and we embrace them."

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"Monsters at Work" begins streaming Wednesday, July 7 on Disney+.

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