Not one, not two, but three whales leap into the air in rare triple breach!

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia (KGO) -- This is what we call a whale watcher's dream! Not one, not two, but three humpbacks put on a stunning show for some lucky onlookers in Canada.

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Passengers on a whale tour spotted three whales leaping into the air off the coast of Nova Scotia, in what appeared to be a synchronized routine.

"Get ready, get ready, it's gonna be a triple breach," said one person on the boat.

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Edmond Giroux was aboard the cruise last month and started taking video of the three whales which had surfaced near the boat.

Ocean Explorations Zodiac Whale Cruises posted about the encounter on its Facebook page.

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Tour operators said the three whales were "logging" by the boat for several minutes before their "take off."

In Giroux's video, the whales can be seen diving down before launching one by one, causing passengers to scream with delight at the rare triple breach.

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