'Imagine from Home': How to make Disney-inspired art projects from Imagineers

Gather your art supplies and follow along as the Imagineers show you how to make the Disney magic come to life.

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Friday, March 19, 2021
'Imagine from Home': How to make Disney-inspired art projects
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Ready to make the magic happen? Grab your supplies and get creative with a Disney Imagineer!

Experience Disney magic with "Imagine from Home," an interactive video series where fans of all ages can create drawings and art projects alongside Walt Disney Imagineers inspired by beloved Disney attractions.

Imagineers share their skills and passion by showing you step-by-step how to draw or make something using materials you can find around your house.

From building an R2 droid out of a soap bottle to creating a Small World cardboard toy to drawing Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, be inspired and get creative to make each project your own and make new Disney memories.

Scroll down to watch each episode and to view or download the supply lists.

Episode 1: Draw Your Castle - Amy Young

Inspired by the iconic Disney castles, follow along as Imagineer Amy Young puts pen to paper and shows us how to get creative to draw your own castle.

Episode 2: Build Your R2 Droid - Matthew Jamieson Abiva

These are the droids you're looking to build. Imagineer Matthew Jamieson Abiva shows us how to transform common household items, like soap dispensers and corks, into your very own R2 droid.

Episode 3: Draw Your Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Reid Ekman

From the overall scene to the tiniest of details, Imagineer Reid Ekman shares his drawing skills to show you step-by-step how to create your Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Episode 4: Make Your Castle Night Light - Elisabeth Papadopoulos

Light up your night with a mini version of the popular Disney fireworks show. With holiday lights and a few other things you can find at home, transform an ordinary box into your castle night light.

Episode 5: Make Your Small World Animated Scene - Xiao Qing Chen

It's a DIY Small World toy after all. Follow along step-by-step as Imagineer Xiao Qing Chen shows you how to turn cardboard into an animated scene inspired by the beloved Disney ride.

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