Courage Campaign hopes Bay Bridge billboard will spark effort to impeach Trump

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Motorists on the Bay Bridge heading into San Francisco may have noticed a new billboard this morning. It displays the word "impeach" alongside a picture of the president.

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It's certainly piqued the interest of Bay Bridge commuters.

"If I have to pay for it and it comes out of my taxes, I'm going to be a very hot person when I find out," said Linda Hamer of Richmond.

Rest assured, there was no tax money involved. Courage Campaign, a grass-roots, progressive organization, paid for the ad. It cost $1,500 dollars for the billboard to display the ad for a week.

Courage Campaign will see how the next few days go before deciding whether to keep it up longer. The decision will be based on traffic on its website, which is also displayed in the ad. It takes people directly to a petition calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

"We hope that people see it and go, 'Oh my gosh, I agree. I didn't know there was an organization pushing for this.' And they might plug in to the work we're doing," said Eddie Kurtz, executive director of Courage Campaign.

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Courage Campaign made headlines last year when it paid for an ad on the Bay Bridge applauding then, 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his National Anthem protest.

As for this latest ad, reaction is mixed.

"I think emblazoning that and sort of shoving it down people's throats is a little too much," said Brian Van Rheenen of Emeryville.

"You know I'll go look into it and if it's worthwhile sure, I may go ahead and sign it," said Alisha Bland of Albany.

Courage Campaign plans to put up similar billboards in seven Republican districts where Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes.

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