Climb to new heights of adventure at Island Rock climbing gym

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Friday, August 13, 2021
Climb to new heights of adventure at Island Rock climbing gym
For over 25 years climbers of all levels have to face their fears and become a part of the Island Rock community, an indoor rock climbing gym.

PLAINVIEW, New York -- Whether it is your first time facing a climb or learning a new course, Island Rock invites everyone to break a sweat while climbing to new heights.

"Climbing is like 80 percent mental," said Ethan Paris, a climber. "It doesn't really matter your physical strength or physical capabilities, everyone has different styles that they are good at. It's just about starting, and once you start, then like it's up from there."

The over 25-year-old indoor rock climbing gym has kept the Long Island community coming back with its good vibes and eager customers ready to explore.

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"Heres a place where you can come live out your childhood dreams," said General Manager and Vice President of Island Rock, Ross Slotnick. "This is a place you can come down for your next local adventure."

Island Rock offers three different forms of climbing, which are bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing which is a little bit more advanced for those looking for a challenge.

It's a really freeing sport, one that not only challenges you physically but mentally," said Katie Cunningham, a climber. "You have to solve the problems on the wall, but it's one that never pits you against your competitor or friend. You always want to work together to solve the climb."

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Bouldering is un-roped climbing, lower to the ground, and is over crash pads to break the fall.

"I came here when I was like nine for a birthday party, and I just fell in love with it after that," said Nina Rozenberg, who frequents the gym. "I can barely get off the ground, and now I just can't stay off the wall."

Slotnick encourages everyone to come out and face their fears by tackling one of their many walls.

"You know we have people that overcome new things every single day," said Slotnick. "I just need you to fill out a waiver, and you'll be good to go."


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