7 On Your Side takes a look at new airline, JetSuiteX

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Airline travel is uncomfortable and a hassle, but does it have to be that way? I take a look at a company that is bucking the trend.

You can almost drive to Los Angeles in the time it takes to fly there.

You have to drive to the airport, park, take a shuttle to the terminal, stand in a TSA line, and be at the gate a minimum of 45 minutes before takeoff.

But now, you can fly a new airline that is attempting to disrupt the industry.

This past week, travelers on major airlines were going to busy terminals.

But some travelers on "JetsuiteX" were going to a terminal in Oakland. Believe it or not, they walked down an empty hallway.

They did not have to worry about pushing, shoving, and waiting in lines.

Don de Beaumont is a super user and fan.

I ask him, "What makes the service worth it?"

He replies, "Wow. I save at least, on each leg, at least, two hours. Maybe three in some cases."

"JetSuiteX" flies from private terminals in Concord, Oakland, and San Jose, to Burbank and Las Vegas. More cities will be added.

The airline is smaller than what you usually fly on, and getting off the plane feels pretty old school with stairs, and no inside jetway to the terminal.

It also feels very "private jet-like," too.

"You take the best of commercial in terms of cost, and you take the best of private, in terms of service and convenience, and put the two together, and that is JetSuiteX," said JetSuiteX CEO Alex Wilcox.

Inside the jet, you find leather seats, fewer rows, giving this small jet a feeling of spaciousness. There's a lot of legroom.

There are electric outlets at each seat, free Wi-Fi, and free cocktails.

They are all nice, but the biggest selling point is the lack of hassle we have all come to expect from flying.

Wilcox points out, "In 15 minutes you can be from your car into the air. You just get on and go."

"Is this ridiculously expensive?," I asked him.

He says, "No, in fact, JetSuiteX fares start at only $129.00."

But only if you book early. If you wait, it can cost twice as much.

I was curious to know if it really feels like a private jet. Don de Beaumont said "Yes. It's pretty spectacular."

I have not flown with "JetSuiteX," but generally speaking, I do not take pleasure in flying.

But de Beaumont insists, "That's because you haven't flown with these guys ( at JetSuiteX). They actually do an exceptional job."

There is a fare sale going on right now. Flights from San Jose to Burbank begin at $79. All other routes start at $99. The sale ends on Thursday.

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