Are co-workers prepared for your vacation?

Byby Linda Christian
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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SACRAMENTO (JobJournal) -- Your long-awaited vacation is just about to begin, but before you leave, be sure you don't leave your colleagues in a lurch. The more unavailable you hope to be during your time off, the better you should prepare to be gone. Some tips:

  • Do everything you can before you go.
  • Look ahead in your appointment calendar so you don't miss any deadlines. Create a reminder list of items you will need to address when you return.
  • Be courteous about delegating assignments. Don't wait until 5pm Friday to ask people to cover for you next week. They may need time to ask questions, especially if you're asking them to do something new.
  • Prepare a vacation memo, delegating only your most critical tasks. Copy everyone involved (and cc your supervisor) so there's no confusion as to who is responsible for what during your absence.
  • Leave clear instructions. If your department doesn't have a procedures manual, it's probably time to create one.
  • Communication is key. The more you communicate with co-workers before you leave, the less they're likely to interrupt your happy hours in the hammock.

Linda Christian is the assistant to the president of Job Journal.

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