Tensions with Chad boil over on 'The Bachelorette' as Evan calls him out in public

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, June 7, 2016

NEW YORK -- Part one of the two day "Bachelorette" started out with "Bachelor Mansion" looking like a complete mess with dishes and food all over the place. Apparently, they have to clean up for themselves? The guys should do that if that's the case. The producers should walk JoJo in there right now and let see how these dudes really live. The guys were lounging around and making fun of Daniel and Chad for counting their calories all day. Chris Harrison interrupted that whole weird afternoon to tell the guys about the dates for the week. The first date card read, "Chase, let's get physical." Chase got a one-on-one date!

JoJo met up with Chase, who arrived in a limo, at a yoga studio. JoJo says she's never done yoga, so we'll see how they do! It's a hot yoga studio at about 100 degrees. It's an intimate style of yoga that mimics sexual positions and breathing. They have "angergasms" and do some other gyrations. JoJo says that the date is very embarrassing for her, but she says she's attracted to Chase and his chiseled body. Then they got into a position where they nearly kissed for several minutes, and then Chase went for it! They did a lot of kissing considering the instructors were still in the room!

Later, they talked about their date and Chase said despite JoJo saying she felt awkward, he thought it was a perfect date. He talked about the importance of marriage to him, especially since his parents got divorced. He says it's a "one and done" situation for him. JoJo loved how serious Chase was taking the process so she offered him the date rose! He accepted. Then, they were treated to a private outdoor concert by Charles Kelley. It was a fantastic concert, and they did some dancing and kissing in the moonlight.

Another date card arrived back at the house and it read, "Jordan, Grant, Wells, James F., Christian, Ali, Daniel, Vinny, Nick, Evan, Alex, and Chad, "Love has no secrets." Chad said that he didn't want to go. He said he'd rather wait around and get a one-on-one later. Jordan was like, "You'd rather not have time with her? Do you think she wants to spend a whole day with you?" Chad said the other guys who didn't get a date aren't his problem, but the other guys were upset and James T. said, "Act thankful." Evan said, "Is there a sharpie, cross your name off." Jordan said, "Whatever team Chad's on lets hope that it's a bench pressing contest and not a spelling contest." OUCH. Chad fired back that Jordan is a "27-year-old failed football player" and told him that he did nothing with his life. Alex told him that he's a solid piece of *expletive*. Chad kept telling him that Ales is scared of him and Alex didn't flinch. Chad asked them if they wanted to "go" and everyone just stared at everyone else. It was really awkward.

It was the day of the group date and surprise surprise, Chad was in the limo on his way to the date. Alex formulated a plan to try to get Chad to act like himself so that she could finally see though him. They arrived at a theater to "see a show" and it was really bizarre, the first actress started talking about orgasms and other sexual experiences. The show was called "Sex Talks". They guys had to share their deepest darkest sex secrets. The guys went backstage for 45 minutes to prepare. Evan was pumped. He runs a chain of erectile dysfunction clinics, so he feels like he's made for this date. James F. joked that his mom should turn the TV off now, and never turn it back on again.

Jordan and Grant talked about how they weren't expecting it, but they were going to do their best to have fun with the date, especially if it meant spending more time with JoJo. Alex and Ali were like, let's just pretend no one is there! Christian wrote a novel about who knows what. Chad said that he doesn't want to talk about it at all and he doesn't want to hear about JoJo's past and she hasn't "earned" his information yet. Daniel was like, if you even like it a little, just have some drinks and go for it. Evan's plan is to call Chad out on stage. Alex is a little nervous for Evan, but excited about it at the same time.

Grant talked about how he got arrested losing his virginity. Jordan eloquently spoke about the importance of "fluffing" and Ali talked about making out with a girl who had a mustache, Daniel took things in a weird direction and told a story about how he cut a girl's hair of with a knife?! At last, it was Evan's turn! He started to talk about the dangers of steroid use including irritability, withdrawing from people, and saying that the girl he's trying to date is nagging him. He says make sure your boys and girls aren't juicing. Wells was shocked too by Evans speech. When Evan went to sit down, Chad shoved him and pulled on his shirt. It was really crazy! Chad called JoJo onto the stage and gave her a kiss and JoJo turned her head! Alex yelled "Crash and burn brother!" When the crowd left, Chad told Evan that he "better chill out or he is going to die." Chad punched the door and his hand was bleeding! He kept pretending to punch Evan or get in his face. It was really bad.

Later that evening, they headed to a bar to talk about their evening with JoJo. Jordan talked about how he put a lot of things ahead of his old relationship and where he "thought" he should be. He said that he's been careful in the past couple of years and he feels that he's changing now. He smiled when he said that he had a feeling about her that he hasn't had in a long time. Jordan said that he's really looking for love and he's only said that to one other person outside of his family before. Alex, Vinny, and the other guys all seemed to have great, playful, conversations with JoJo. Chad interrupted JoJo and Nick and they had to relocate because Chad was hanging around and making it awkward. Vinny asked him how he thought it went because JoJo turned her cheek to him and Chad just played it off. He also asked "why did you grab at Evan?" Chad said that Evan had been following him around. It all sounds a little crazy. Then Evan asked Chad why he was there...and then he asked him for an apology and said he owed him a shirt. Chad told him to stop bullying him and to stay away from him.

The last date card arrived and read, "James T., Let's kick it old school." He was so excited! Luke, our veteran, was devastated.

Back on the worst group date ever, Chad made fun of all the other guys appearances and talked about how great he was. Then he finally got his chance with JoJo. She asked him about what happened with Evan and he told her that Evan had been following him around all day and that Evan tried to push him over. JoJo told him to not be a bully and he said, "I'm not a bully, even though it appears that way." JoJo says she likes the side of him that she sees when he's sweet and sensitive. Then, Evan interrupted him! HA! This guy is just too much! Evan used his time to tell JoJo that Chad has two personalities and that even if it doesn't work out with him, it won't be good with Chad. Evan gave her an ultimatum that if Chad stays he will leave. Evan told the guys what he told JoJo and they were surprised. JoJo came in the room and picked up the date rose, but then she asked Evan to step aside with her. She offered him the date rose, but said that she wasn't ready to make a decision yet on Chad. JoJo returned to the room and Chad was flabbergasted. He asked her if this was "a real scenario, right now". She told Chad to not be "disrespectful". Chad stormed off and spit on the sidewalk and just sat in the limo stewing away. Jordan said Chad is now a ticking time bomb.

The next morning, Derek said he's not comfortable sleeping in the same room as Chad, he felt like he was going to snap. The other guys all feel a little nervous. So, the guys in the house talked to the producers and they got a security guard to watch over Chad.

Meantime, James T. and JoJo went off on their one-on-one date. They got an old car, old fashioned clothes, new hairdo's, everything. They looked amazing! They pulled up to the Culver Hotel where there were some dance instructors waiting for them to teach them how to swing dance. Poor James is a little awkward but he gets an A for effort.

Once their lesson was over, they headed outside to see a group of people swing dancing. There were kids pretending to be "Newsies" and they just really had a great time playing around together. James said it was like living in a movie.

At the house Chad laughed that a security guard was patrolling him. He said that he's not trying to be "the tough guy in the house." Daniel tried to talk to Chad and told him to take it down a notch. Daniel told him that the guys are calling him a "loose cannon". Daniel said, "Let's pretend you're Hitler." Chad said, "Let's not pretend I'm Hitler." Daniel did his best to tell him to chill out a little, in his own Daniel way, but it wasn't received well. Daniel is concerned that Chad is dragging him down.

Later, James and JoJo "went parking" under a sky full of stars and a huge moon. James told JoJo that he was called "Luke Longneck" and he was bullied as a kid so he's always considered himself an underdog. He says he sees himself not on "that" level for girls like JoJo. After that sensitive story, JoJo told him that he has a lot going for him and he's "the whole package". With that, she offered him the date rose! That rose gave him some confidence and he brought out his guitar and sang her a song that he wrote. It was amazing. I usually find the "guitar guys" on the show cheesy, but he's the real deal. Finally, he gave her a kiss! It was once of the sweetest moments. JoJo said that James is now out of the "friend zone".

The security guard continued to roam around and stare at Chad. Chris Harrison showed up and announced to the guys that JoJo will not have a cocktail party, they will go right into the rose ceremony that evening. The good news was that she was going to come over that afternoon and have an all-day pool party. Evan decided to follow Chris Harrison out the door to tell him what happened with Chad. Chris Harrison said that it can happen with that much testosterone. Evan said, it's not that, it's an issue with Chad. Chris Harrison said that he's going to step in. Chris decided to pull Chad aside and asked him about it, and Chad denied it all. He told Chad that this was his chance to settle it all. Chad said in his interview that he wanted to "cut all the guys' arms and legs off and throw them in the pool and just have torsos floating around." What?! How is he still around! We'll find out much more when the drama continues Tuesday night!