Bay Area animal rescue adoption event steals people's hearts with help from adorable puppies

A huge adoption event in Walnut Creek gave people the chance to give some pups a fur-ever home

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Sunday, February 18, 2024
Bay Area animal rescue steals people's hearts with help from puppies
A huge adoption event called Joybound People and Pets in Walnut Creek gave people the chance to give some adorable pups a forever home.

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KGO) -- A huge adoption event gave people the chance to give some pups a forever home in Walnut Creek on Saturday.

Adorable pups were getting a lot of attention at an animal rescue in Walnut Creek. Hundreds of people were there to find the perfect pet.

Andrea Espinosa and her husband are expecting their first baby next month. They're hoping to add to their new family with a puppy.

DAN ASHLEY: "You're expanding all at once, you want a dog and a new baby."

ANDREA: "Yes, Dan"

DAN ASHLEY: "What kind of dog are you looking for, what kind of qualities do you want in a great pet?"

ANDREA: "Just very playful. Looking for a female, if we can."

DAN ASHLEY: "Anna, what's this dog's name?

ANDREA "Joe Jonas. This little was named after Taylor Swift and all of her boyfriends."

Taylor Swift's boyfriend's team may have won the Super Bowl, but Solomon is proudly wearing his 49er's jersey and hoping to win the lottery by finding a new home.

This is truly such a special place. You may know it as ARF over the years, the Animal Rescue Foundation. But it's now been rebranded to Joybound: People and Pets. And you can see and feel the joy.

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Joybound CEO Susan Lee Vick knows exactly what people get out of helping animals.

"Mainly the joyful bond between people and pets," said Lee. "And, when we're all doing this together."

I spoke with one Joybound board member whom I know particularly well. To say my wife, Angela, is an animal person is an understatement.

"This is a passion near and dear to my heart. Every time I walk through the doors and see the dogs and the cats and the people and to see how much they care about the animals. To see the commitment here is phenomenal," said Angela Ashely.

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For mom and puppy owner-to-be Andrea Espinosa, adopting a rescue dog is the only option.

"It's better than buying them for sure. They need a loving family and I feel like we can give them that," she said.

Everyone here feels the same way and on this joyful day at Joybound, dozens of pets found new homes.

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