One Direction contest photo lands Kentucky school official in hot water

PULASKI COUNTY, KY -- A school superintendent in Kentucky is in hot water for trying to win some One Direction tickets for his daughter.

In a photo submitted to a contest, Science Hill Independent Superintendent Rick Walker is seen in a bathtub, wearing very little, and surrounded by boy band souvenirs.

The pictures were taken last month, but they're now all over social media. And as you can imagine, parents are not very happy.

Parent Erica Phillips said, "They don't need to see this type of stuff from role models and leaders and people they respect. I was just disgusted with it really. There's so many ways that picture can be taken and it doesn't matter what the purpose was for the picture."

Walker says it was a contest for dads to win meet-and-greet passes. He didn't win.

There will now be a board meeting on Monday to figure out what's next for him.
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