Franklin and Kevin Jonas talk drama on season 2 of 'Claim to Fame'

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Friday, June 23, 2023
Kevin and Franklin Jonas talk about season 2 of 'Claim to Fame'
Jennifer Matarese interviews Kevin and Franklin Jonas about hosting season 2 of ABC's "Claim to Fame."

NEW YORK -- The contestants each have a famous family member. It could be their mother, father, sibling, or other extended family member. The stars range from actors, comedians, athletes, musicians, and politicians.

Season 2 of "Claim to Fame" promises to be even more dramatic and superstar-packed than the first season.

"We got to bring in some new challenges, some really big names, the location, but the drama does really increase in season 2," said Franklin Jonas, cohost.

Brothers Kevin and Franklin Jonas host the show and put the contestants through challenges as they all live together under one roof.

"They came in thinking they could really put the mask on, hide their identities in a really big way," Kevin said. "But I'll be honest, some of these contestants are really good detectives right away, but we were in the dark the entire time as usual."

It takes a lot of strategy to play the game, but the one thing that makes the best contestant is their ability to stay quiet.

"They keep their mouth shut and don't give away their secrets," Franklin said.

In the end, the contestant who is able to keep their identity and that of their superstar relative a secret, walks away with $100,000.

One thing that's a major bonus for these brothers is spending time together hosting! They live in different states and have 13 years between them. Kevin is a member of the pop group "The Jonas Brothers" with their brothers Joe and Nick, but Franklin was not a member. This is something he and Kevin can share as the oldest and youngest of the siblings.

"It's a wonderful thing that we get to do this together," Kevin said.

"It's one of my favorite things that I've done in my life is this show and I get to do it with him," Franklin said.

"He keeps me very aware of what's trending on TikTok these days," Kevin said. "Old man over here!"

"At this point, you keep me hip!" Franklin said.

Don't miss the season premiere of "Claim to Fame," Monday, June 26 at 8/7c on ABC and streaming on Hulu!