Kidde has safety tips to keep in mind while keeping your space festive

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Sunday, December 20, 2020
Kidde cares and has tips for the  holidays to help prevent fires
Kidde cares and has tips for the holidays to help prevent fires

Sharon Cooksey, Kidde Safety Educator, has tips to share to keep you and your family (pets included) safe from fires during this holiday season.

When installing holiday decorations,

- inspect your decorative lights to ensure they're not worn or frayed

- consider LED lights

- don't plug more than three sets of decorative light strings together, in the same outlet, because they may cause an electrical overload in your outlet

- instead of lighting candles, use a flameless candle instead

Sharon reminder is that, "December is the top month for home candle fires."

Use ornaments that are not glass or metal, or ones that need a m etal hook, which your pets can get into and hurt themselves. Use ornaments with ribbons to hang them.

When it comes to your tree, make sure it is securely fastened or anchored, so pets can't topple it over.

For live trees, remember to keep it watered, which will help keep it fresh and green. Dead and dry trees become a fire hazard. If possible, block access to the water so your pets don't drink from it since it may contain additives and chemicals.

If you're hanging stockings over your fireplace, take them down before you start your log fire and leave them down until the fire is extinguished. Flame-resistant stockings are the best option.

Finally, owning a fire extinguisher, at least one on every level of the home, and especially in the kitchen, can help during a fire emergency.

Sharon says, "Smoke alarms are your best friend in case of a fire," so make sure to replace your alarms every ten years, in addition to installing a Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector.

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