North Bay firefighters close to containing LNU Lightning Complex Fire, but wary of hot weather this weekend

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Friday, September 4, 2020
Firefighters close to containing LNU Complex Fire, but wary of weekend weather
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Firefighters battling the 375,000 acre LNU Lightning Complex Fire in the North Bay have it 81 percent contained.

NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- Firefighters battling the 375,000 acre LNU Lightning Complex Fire in the North Bay have it 81 percent contained.

They are racing against the clock to get it completely surrounded while the weather is cooperating.

This holiday weekend, temperatures will rise, and humidity will drop, ideal conditions for a fire to rekindle.

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"It was going across the hill towards my place and it was a big monster - looked like a mushroom cloud," said Bill Dakin, a former firefighter who lives in the Angwin - Pope Valley area of Napa County.

At the height of the LNU fire, he thought he might lose his home.

His house was spared, but a a big chunk of the surrounding area burned.

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After a hot, draining, dangerous fight, firefighters believe they have the upper hand, according to CAL FIRE spokesman Capt. Jesse Gomez.

"We're up to I believe 80 percent containment. So we're wrapping up the incident," he said.

At least they're trying to.

Firefighters want to completely surround the fire zone, before the holiday weekend brings a change in the weather.

This fire did its greatest damage when humidity was low and temperatures were high.

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That's exactly what's forecast for this weekend.

"These next 12 to 24 hours is very crucial for us to get in there and get as much work as we can done" said Capt. Gomez.

Because no one wants to see this fire kick up again. Bill Dakin is optimistic that the worst is over.

"I assume they have it under control now. That's what I assume" he said.

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Neighbor Jeff Peradi, who lost two buildings on his property, but saved his home isn't afraid of the weather change. He says it's just part of living here.

"It can be 105. It was 105-6 when it was burning. It's hot. Worried about fire danger? It's nothing new to us" he says.

Weary CAL FIRE crews are ready to jump back in full force if the fire picks up, but hope they won't have to.


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