Woman accusing former Warriors assistant coach of sexual assault speaks out

LOS ANGELES (KGO) -- Kelli Tennant, the woman who is accusing former Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton of sexual assault, spoke out Tuesday.

"I am no longer comfortable staying silent about the things that have happened to me."

Tennant laid out, in detail, why she went to the hotel in Santa Monica to meet with Walton and then gave sordid details about the alleged encounter. She also explained why she waited to come forward.

"This is a reality that I have been living in for years. I can no longer stand to not tell the story that has profoundly affected my life. I asked him where we were going, and he said up to his room. I asked him why we were going up to his room? He said the players were in the lobby and that he didn't want to be around them." Tennant continued, "He said don't worry about it, it's me. As someone I'd know for a very long time, I realized I shouldn't overthink it and follow his lead. Out of nowhere he got on top of me and pinned me down to the bed and held my arms down with all of his weight while he kissed my neck and my face and my chest. And as I kept asking him to please stop and get off, he laughed at me."

Walton was an assistant with the Warriors at the time the alleged incident happened.

The Warriors have put out a statement saying they are gathering information and would have no further comment.
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