Here's why vacationing in Maui may become more expensive

HAWAII (KGO) -- Taking a vacation to Maui may cost a little more in the future, as officials and residents are considering a fee for tourists.

Many locals say a huge influx in tourists this summer is taking a toll on their roads, limiting the number of public restrooms and also affecting their livelihoods.

They are happy to be back at work, but they are begging lawmakers to help them find a balance.

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Maui County Councilman Shane Sinenci is floating the idea of a visitor impact fee.

"Places like the Galapagos, it's expensive to get there. Galapagos, you would have to pay an extra $400 for impact fees if you're visiting the Galapagos," Sinenci said.

Councilman Sinenci says it could be tacked on to every airline and cruise line ticket.

There would be exceptions for locals.

He says the goal is to create a higher level of respect among those traveling to the islands.

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