Presidential candidate, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg opens campaign office, holds rally in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Businessman Michael Bloomberg, who served three terms as Mayor of New York City, opened a new campaign office at 15th and Franklin in Oakland, and appeared for a photo op with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf before speaking to supporters at Jack London Square.

Bloomberg took BART from San Francisco to the 19th Street station in Oakland, where he met up with Schaaf and the two had coffee at a nearby bagel shop.

The two then walked from there to Snow Park near Lake Merritt.

Schaaf says she respects Bloomberg, but will not endorse any candidate until the primaries are over.

Later, with supporters dining on barbecue in the morning, Bloomberg told them - "in the race for President, I'm the un-Trump."

Bloomberg said during his tenure more New Yorkers got healthcare, his administration tackled climate change, and saw impressive job growth.

He also said he was uniquely positioned to reach across the aisle and worked with Republicans. I asked how, with voters so polarized.

"You know, you reach across the aisle first by being civil to each other," he said. "And finding things that you do have in common and ways that you can get some and the other persona can get some, and back and forth. It's called management."

So far, his self-financed campaign has spent more than $100 million, primarily on TV advertisements, and although his polls numbers have grown, they are still nowhere near front-runners Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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