Bay Area mountain lion researchers release adorable video of two new cubs

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area "Living with Lions" project is celebrating the birth of two new mountain lion cubs in Sonoma County.

The cubs are the first babies born to a three and a half year old female who was fitted with a GPS collar last September.

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The new family is part of a scientific project aimed at helping people in rural Sonoma County live safely with mountain lions nearby.

Experts were able to find the den in Trione-Annadel State Park when the cubs were just over a week old in early February.

Mountain lion mothers move their babies regularly, so the family is already safely relocated to a new secret spot.

The "Living with Lions" research is run by Audubon Canyon Ranch, which is teaching Sonoma and Napa County residents how to protect their lifestock to keep both domestic animals and wild mountain lions safe.

Quinton Martins, director of the program believes the new cubs "hold the health of our shared landscape in their DNA." Martins said he looks forward to sharing the story of the kittens over the coming months and "connecting our greater community to (the lions') important role as top carnivore."

If you are experiencing a mountain lion/livestock conflict in the North Bay, contact the Living with Lions by phone: 707-721-6560 or email:
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