'They will be raised as a family': Coyote pups separated from parents, recovering together in Napa

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Thursday, May 16, 2019
Coyote pups separated from parents, recovering together in Napa
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Napa Wildlife rescue is raising two coyote pups found within days of each other in the North Bay.

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Napa Wildlife Rescue is carrying for two coyote pups found in the North Bay.

The first pup was found by a fieldworker. A second, younger coyote, from a different litter, was later found at Highway 29 in Yountville.

Workers at Napa Wildlife Rescue say coyotes are a species that rely heavily on companionship of their own kind.

"The fact that we got one coyote pup, and then a week later, another, was extremely unusual," said Linnaea Furlong, wildlife rescue manager Napa Wildlife Rescue.

Workers are trying to limit human contact so the animals don't get too comfortable around humans.

"It's really important that we avoid having them think of humans as food givers or as social partners because once they are wild and back in nature it's very dangerous for them to be friendly with humans," said Furlong.

The pups will be raised together until they are juveniles. Soon they will outgrow the space in Napa, and will be moved to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue to grow into releasable age.

If you want to donate money for the care of the coyotes the group is accepting donations.

The Napa Wildlife Rescue was founded in 1991.

The corporation provides temporary care for sick, orphaned, or injured California wildlife.

For more information about the group go to their website.