Neighbors describe moments that led up to officer-involved shooting in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Fifty-five-year-old Terese Haddox was mourning the recent death of her elderly mother when she showed up at her next door neighbor's house with a rifle, telling them, "this is not going to end well." The neighbors described her as depressed over a string of deaths in recent years.

Her son died about five years ago and a woman housemate also died.

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Sky7 was overhead the Haddox home, a bright White House in the 800 block of Feller Avenue in San Jose's Alum Rock area, as police responded. A standoff with police led to Terese Haddox emerging from the house, bloodied from a wound possibly in a leg. The rifle described by the neighbor was lying on the front porch.

Emmanuel Cazarez, whose parents had the conversation with Haddox, had been in their neighbor's house a number of times to help her with such things as plumbing repairs. They had never known she had a rifle. Cazarez said, in his opinion, Haddox was in a mindset to see an end to her years of hurt.

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Other neighbors on Feller Avenue described Haddox as reclusive, quiet, an avid TV watcher, and a dog owner. She would walk her chihuahua but would not wave or greet her neighbors. One neighbor said she would see Haddox leave the house about three times a week and be gone all day, possibly to do volunteer work.
San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia is having a 2 p.m. news conference to provide more details about this officer involved shooting, the second in two weeks. A man found trespassing at the Metcalf Energy Center in south San Jose on Jan. 10 was shot and killed by police. Terese Haddox is believed to have non-life threatening injuries. She was taken to a trauma center for treatment and was not home Tuesday morning.
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