'Just keep moving forward': How to stay inspired in 2021, keep your fitness goals

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- On the first day of 2021, the Boom Box Studio on Market Street in San Francisco was ready to greet 2021 with their first outdoor workout.

ABC7 Kris Reyes even joined in, as she gathered some advice and inspiration.

Owner Alexandra Mogannam knows how hard it is to keep fitness resolutions, especially after a year like 2020.

"Just keep moving forward, whatever that is, just get out of bed, just take care of yourself in any way you can and as long as you don't stay stagnant, you will be ok," she said.

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She shared some of her favorite at home workouts, just in case you can't get to the gym:
  • Take two towels and do sliding exercises at home. Place your hands or feet on the towels for more dynamic stretches and lunges.

  • Grab some wine bottles and used them as weights

  • "Whatever you do whether it's mentally, physically or emotionally, find a way to grow and keep moving forward, any way you can with whatever resources you can," said Mogannam.

    The Boom Box studio has stayed resilient during the pandemic, with the help of family members. Mogannam's mom, dad and cousin were there to support her on the first work out of the year.

    "Early last year, I hit my goal of squatting and deadlifting over 100 lbs each, so I'd like to get back to that in 2021," said Alexandra's cousin Janine Mogannam, about her New Year's resolutions.

    "I live by the great word, gratitude, I'm grateful for the smallest of things," said Ibby Mogannam on advice to get through 2021. "I'm completely motivated by my family. I didn't start working out until I was 50, I'm now 59."

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    The outdoor workout was a hopeful sight on the first day of 2021, so was a full Dolores Park, active with people walking and playing tennis.

    "My son just fell in love with bicycles, so I'm hoping to get a bike and do a little riding with him ," said Kenneth Deemer who said he was determined to get his family out on the first day of the year.

    For added inspiration, we asked some to give 2021, a little pep talk.

    "If I could talk to 2021, I would say, just calm down, relax a little bit," said Deemer.

    "I mean we learned a lot in 2020, we're ready for you, we're more resilient and united than ever, so bring it on 2021," said Ben Semples.

    "I would say be kinder to us, be gentler to us," said Ibby Mogannam.

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